2014 Competition Winner:

Bikanta – Bikanta has developed nanodiamond-based technology that will redefine tomorrow’s medical imaging, allowing researchers to answer questions and medics to detect diseases that they currently cannot.
Presenter:  Ambika Bumb, PhD – Founder & CEO


2014 Finalists:

Madorra – Madorra offers a solution for treating vaginal atrophy in breast cancer survivors.
Presenters – Holly Rockweiler (Co-Founder), Ryan Krone (Co-Founder), Kathryn Olsen (Co-Founder), & Jonathan Steinberger (Co-Founder)

POC Medical Systems – POC Medical System’s disruptive technology offers low cost point of care screening and diagnostics.
Presenter – Sanjeev Saxena – Chairman & CEO

Smartstones, Inc. – Smartstones Touch are the world’s first non-verbal communication platform and gesture-based device that increase caregiving capacity and efficiency.
Presenter – Andreas Forsland – Founder & CEO

ViVita Technologies, Inc – ViVita’s patent-pending platform technology has the potential to address the growing regenerative medicine market by generating a broad product pipeline of tissue and organ replacements.
Presenters – Maelene Wong, PhD  (Co-founder & CEO) & Jeni Lee (Co-founder)