Have you created a company to address the needs of family caregivers? Does your product or service provide caregivers with necessary of peace of mind as they support their family member? Are you leveraging virtual reality, AI, or another disruptive technology?


Enter to win AARP Innovation Lab’s Pitch Competition today!

Your company qualifies if you have $500K or less in revenue and/or have raised a maximum of $5MM. You must be focused on the peace of mind of family caregivers and using leading edge technology to serve them.

During this Competition, companies who are focused on providing peace of mind to family caregivers through the use VR, AI and other disruptive technologies are invited to apply to pitch.  The winner will be chosen by audience members through polling. The winning team will go on to the final AARP Innovation Labs Pitch Event in Washington, DC in the fall of 2018.

Some examples of “peace of mind” may include:

  • Learning about how to care for your older adult: physically, legal documents, healthcare documents, health insurance, legal assistance, home retrofitting
  • Learning about care coordination: care planning, finding aides, private duty
  • Paying aides, working with Medicaid-paid aides, records management, learning about available community benefits and learn how to access them
  • Knowing I’m not alone; connecting others in my situation
  • Knowing that people care
  • Reduced anxiety because of better preparation; preparing & planning for future realities
  • Reducing the stress and memory issues of managing the complexity of care for your older adult
  • Reducing the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed by navigating access to care and the subsequent paperwork
  • Relaxation/respite/fun/play
  • Spiritual/religious practice
  • Reducing adult sibling rivalry
  • Limiting travel time by getting some care virtually
  • Alleviating the worry about missing work
  • Spending less/managing costs of caregiving responsibilities, including travel, work, child care, and clinical costs

AARP Innovation Lab Pitch Competition Guidelines

  • Less than $500K in revenue
  • Raised less that $5MM
  • Addresses the peace of mind of the family caregiver
  • Uses VR, AI or other disruptive technology
  • Able to attend the Boomer Venture Summit in Berkeley, California, on June 20-21

First Round:

All applications will be reviewed for completeness, relevance, and adherence to the guidelines. Review judges will recommend the finalist for the pitch event on June 21st in Berkeley, California. As this competition is judged by consumers, the deck portion of the application should not exceed five slides.

Pitch Competition:

Finalists will be asked to present their plans to an audience of older adults and professionals in the longevity economy on Thursday, June 21st and will receive 2 tickets to participate in the pre-conference and conference days, June 20th and 21st.  The winner will be determined by the vote of the older adult audience designated as judges for the event.


The winning team will go on to the final AARP Innovation Hatchery Pitch Event in Washington DC in October of 2018.


Please apply for the AARP Innovation Lab competition by June 14, 2018, 11:59 PM PST.


Tips for creating your consumer focused-deck

These tips are designed to guide you in speaking clearly and briefly to older consumers who will be the end users of your product or service. This is not an outline for your presentation.

  • Establish a clear value proposition for your product or service. How does it solve a problem for a family caregiver?
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms; use ordinary language in your descriptions. If you must use industry language, explain it clearly to your audience.
  • What is the impact of your product or service on the family caregiving market overall? How are you measuring that?
  • Think about how the technology you are using is disrupting what is currently available in the market; or does the technology available now create a new way to address the market?
  • Don’t repurpose your investor deck and call it a consumer presentation. Speak to your consumer and their need state and motivations in a compelling way.


AARP Innovation Lab’s Pitch Competition  


Deadline to submit this application has been extended to June 14, 2018, 11:59 PM PST.

Please complete this form to register your entry into the AARP Innovation Lab’s Pitch Competition hosted by the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit.

Finalists will be notified and announced soon after the application deadline. You must be available to participate in the final competition on June 21st in Berkeley, California, and attend the Summit events on June 20th and 21st.

Questions? Contact Meaghan McMahon, AARP Innovation Lab Pitch Competition at Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit.