Day One Agenda

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

PROGRAM: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

8:00AM – 9:00AM


9:00AM – 10:15 AM



Today’s 50+ consumers are a diverse population with a range of communications choices and preferences. In this session, we’ll look at the current landscape of media serving older people, helping you navigate trends in mainstream, niche and social media. You’ll learn how and where to best connect with your target audience, and how to leverage community, content and collaboration for maximum engagement.

MODERATOR: Susan Donley, Publisher & CEO, Stria

Additional Reframing Aging Experts:

Paul Kleyman, National Coordinator, Journalist Network on Generations

Sherri Snelling, CEO, Caregiving Club

Lisa Sullivan, EVP and Managing Director, Ketchum NA Technology Practice

Next Generation Design in Senior Living

Today’s older adults are demanding more options, choices and customization when it comes to living in senior housing communities or in their existing homes. These demands are challenging operators, regulators and developers to rethink their existing programs, designs and community options. As they  prepare for the future, while baby boomers look for alternative solutions outside the traditional senior care continuum,  industry leaders step up to address market demands.  Hear from a panel of senior living experts on how they are addressing emerging trends, challenges and opportunities and how entrepreneurs can leverage current demands for future success.

MODERATOR:  George Yedinak, Executive Vice President, Publisher and Founder, Senior Housing News

Frank Rockwood, Co-Founder and President, Rockwood Pacific

Nancy Schier Anzelmo, MSG-Principle, Alzheimer’s Care & Associates

Dave Coluzzi, CEO, Carlton Senior Living

Candiece Milford, Managing Director of Marketing, Rhoda Goldman Plaza

Michelle Moros, Executive Director, Belmont Village

Paul Gordon, Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP

Fintech 101: Financial Resilience Across Life Events

New financial planning tools are emerging that leverage technology and help to solve issues like assisting with finances in a caregiving role; helping young families fund education, payback student loans, and more. To do that, financial services also needs to better understand populations typically underserved by the financial world – such as women – and also better understand what’s in their hearts and minds as they journey through key lifestages. Meet the entrepreneurs solving for these issues. Learn how younger generations are embracing fintech solutions and will influence their aging parents’ adoption of new ways to solve old problems.

MODERATOR: Michelle Bartel, Senior Financial Consultant, Charles Schwab

Erin Mcinrue Savage, Senior Vice President, Age Wave

Cora Tellez, CEO and Founder, Amazing Care Network, Inc

Chris Wong, Chairman and CEO, LifeSite

YoonJin Chang, Co-Founder & Director of Corporate Development, LifeSite

Howard Tischler, Co-Founder & CEO, Eversafe

10:30AM – 11:45 AM


Make Sales & Marketing Work: Finding the Mature Consumer in the Age of Information

The sales and marketing process has shifted from the hands of the brand to co-creation with your consumers. Consumers have never had more information in their hands before they come to your door. Value creation and consumer experience is at the heart of today’s marketing. Everyone from Amazon and Apple down to mom and pop companies are in the content creation business. Join us to learn about content creation, social selling, and the continuing importance of video in marketing and search.

You will hear from experts in the field the importance of being a creator and how to “be what people are interested in”

Understand the fundamentals of social selling and how it is working for successful companies

Learn how content and video drive SEO

Gain insight into the latest tools for driving consumer engagement


MODERATOR: Lori Bitter, President & Senior Strategist, The Business of Aging and Co-Producer, SV Boomer Venture Summit


Jay Grant, Vice President of Marketing, GreatCall

Brigit Hassig, Managing Project Director, Masterpiece Living; President, IntelligentAge LLC

Paul Vogelzang, Writer and Producer, Not Old Better Show

The Power of Partnership – How to Fuel Your Longevity Business Engine

Getting started with funding your longevity innovation product or service is one thing, but finding the right roadway and the fuel to go the distance requires strong partnerships.  At the intersection of aging, business and technology is one sign in red lights: SCALE. These interesting partnerships explain what sparked their interest in each other, the challenges and advantages of fusing innovation and distribution, how they are testing their concepts for fast growth and why key partnerships are driving their business and their mission forward.

MODERATOR: Sherri Snelling, CEO, Caregiving Club


Aaron McPherson, Vice President of Operations, Center for Elders’ Independence

Sherri Rose, Executive Director, Thrive Center, Inc.

Robert Wray, CEO, Blue Star HonorCare

Jeff Maltz, CEO & Co-Founder, SilverRide

Carrie Shaw, CEO and Founder, Embodied Labs

The Blueprint to the Longevity Economy: Investors and Influencers Break Down the Ecosystem for Success

Forward-thinking investors and leaders in the field of aging are critical partners in achieving significant impact and success in the longevity marketplace. This session brings together investors and influencers in aging to discuss the ecosystem, their role in a company’s growth, and the intersection of interests. This session will explore what the venture capital and aging communities can learn from each other;  where the opportunities are to collaborate to improve outcomes; and how we can work together to capitalize on the global demographic shift.

MODERATOR: Mary Furlong, CEO, Mary Furlong & Associates, Executive Producer, SV Boomer Summit


Mel Barsky, Director, Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation

Anne DeGheest, Founder and Managing Director, HealthTech Capital  

Jack York, President and Co-Founder, ItsNever2Late

Natasha Ashton, Co-Founder Petplan

YoonJin Chang, Co-Founder & Director of Corporate Development, LifeSite

12:00PM – 1:00 PM


1:15 PM – 2:30 PM

VIP Briefing: An Inside Look at Investing in the Longevity Market

MODERATOR: Mary Furlong, CEO, Mary Furlong & Associates, Executive Producer, SV Boomer Summit

Mel Barsky, Director, Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation

John Hopper, Chief Investment Officer, Ziegler Link-Age Longevity Fund, LP

Martin Ng, CIO, CK Franchising, Inc.

Dan Gebremedhin, Principle, Flare Capital Partners


This session will feature a panel discussion to highlight solutions that improve both the quality of care and the quality of life for our global aging population.  Healthy joints are critical to maintain a mobile and active lifestyle.  Wireless gait / balance assessments, range of motion testing and a device that enhances bone health will be explored.  Our panelist will also share perspectives on alternative wellness solutions such as the use of Cannabis (joints) including contrasting the impacts of medical marijuana versus CBD oil made from hemp.  Can you experience the health benefits without the high?

Moderator: John P. Reinhart, Managing Director, Innovators Alliance; President, Academic Platforms

Jeff Amrein, CEO and Founder, Extract Wellness LLC

Peter Simonson, President and Board Member, Juvent Health

Carrie Tice, CEO & Co-Founder, Octavia Wellness

Cynthia Gibson-Horn, Co-Founder, Motion Therapeutics

Kathleen Cody, Executive Director American Bone Health

2: 30PM – 4:00PM

China Briefing

INTRODUCTION & WELCOME: Dr. David Lindeman, Director of the CITRIS Health Initiative, UC Berkeley

John Hopper,Chief Investment Officer, The Ziegler Link•Age Funds, LP


OVERVIEW OF THE MARKET: Roseann Lake, Author and Journalist, The Economist

Rui Ma, Founder, Euzen Labs



Kevin Qian, Managing Partner, McDermott Will and Emery Shanghai



David Lindeman, Director of the CITRIS Health Initiative, UC Berkeley 

John Hopper,Chief Investment Officer, The Ziegler Link•Age Funds, LP

Entrepreneurs on the Leading Edge

MODERATOR: Catherine Calarco, Executive in Digital Health, AI and Robotics


Connected Care

Stuart Patterson, CEO, Lifepod

Bryan Chasko, Chief Technology Officer, Same Day Security


Innovations in Robotics


4:00PM – 5:00PM

China Investment Panel

View from the Entrepreneur



David Lindeman, Director of the CITRIS Health Initiative, UC Berkeley

John Hopper, Chief Investment Officer, The Ziegler Link•Age Funds, LP



Roseann Lake, Author and Journalist, The Economist

Rui Ma, Founder, Euzen Labs

Lessons from the Winners: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Come learn from serial entrepreneurs and founders on how to start a business, how to find the right cofounder, hiring a managing a team, managing a board of directors and board of advisors, managing a clinical trial, setting timeline and expectations and getting FDA approval for a medical device, managing investors and frequency of communication with them, derisking the business and product development, creating a strong IP portfolio, and much more.

MODERATOR: Julia Rasooly, CEO and Founder, PuraCath Medical Inc.; Venture Partner, Shikra Limited; and winner of the 2011 SV Business Plan Competition

Natasha Ashton, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Pet Plan

Kristie Burns, CMO, Cala Health

Ambika Bumb, CEO and Founder, Bikanta

Arvid Thiagarajan, CEO, HD Medical

5:30PM – 7:00PM