Pre-Conference Boot Camps – Wednesday, July 19

$99 for the Day/Free to Sponsors and Finalists

Skill-up: Get the Skills and Knowledge You Need to Build a Business in the Longevity Market

1:30pm – 2:45pm

Voice Enabled Technology

The rapid growth of voice-enabled technologies – understanding spoken requests and commands, answering questions, and scheduling alerts – has been a phenomenon within the past two years. Firms like Gartner expect that the combination of natural language processing, AI, and speech recognition will grow significantly over the next few years; and that speech recognition will penetrate 80% of mobile devices by 2020. This new trend for device user interfaces and their support platforms is known as “Voice First” and Amazon (Echo), Google (Home) and Apple (Siri and Home Pod) have already established a stake in this market.

Does this signal a business opportunity for entrepreneurs entering the mature consumer market? What is the right Voice First response for organizations like homecare, senior living, health care and nonprofits, who serve this market? This panel will look at potential services, discuss costs, the issues of long distance caregiving, and the role in mitigating social isolation.

Moderator: Laurie Orlov, Aging in Place Technology Watch


Stuart Patterson, LifePod

The Blueprint to the Longevity Economy: Investors and Influencers Break Down the Ecosystem for Success

Forward-thinking investors and leaders in the field of aging are critical partners in achieving significant impact and success in the longevity marketplace. This bootcamp brings together investors and influencers in Aging to discuss the ecosystem, their role in a company’s growth, and the intersection of interests. This session will explore what the venture capital and aging communities can learn from each other? Where the opportunities are to collaborate to improve outcomes, and wow should we can work together to capitalize on the global demographic shift.

Moderator: Mary Furlong, Founder and CEO, Mary Furlong and Associates


Susan Donley, Publisher and Managing Director/NextAvenue

Steve Vandegrift, Pipeline Success

Paul Kleyman, New America Media

Anne DeGheest, HealthTech Capital, Founder and Managing Director

3:00pm – 4:15pm

1 if by land, 2 if by sea, 3 if by air and 4, is TBD (somewhere there’s a startup working on it!)

The future of transportation, travel and movement, reshaping mobility

Transportation, travel, mobility, connectivity are anchor issues within the Longevity Economy. In less than 10 years, the leading edge boomers will be 80. What implications might that present for how to design products and services to meet their needs, and those of their families and caregivers? These companies will share their insights on the future of transportation, a new mobility paradigm linked to the convergence of developments, design, and the needs and wants of the population.

Moderator: Marg Drumheller, Director Market Innovation, AARP


Marg Drumheller, Director Market Innovation/AARP

Dan Trigub, Healthcare Partnerships/Lyft

Jeff Maltz, CEO Silver Ride

Building Consumer-Centered Brands: Insights, Strategies and Tactics to Reach Older Consumers

Very few national brands successfully capture the heart and minds of older adults, leaving millions of dollars on the table. Understand how people relate to brands and brand experience, and what they value in the brand relationship. Hear what strategies are working in the longevity market, and the tactics some of the leading companies have employed to go to market.

Moderator: Lori Bitter, The Business of Aging


Ben Wiseman, C Space

Jeff Makowka, AARP Innovation

Jim Erickson, Erickson Productions

4:30pm – 5:15pm

The Future of Robotics in Delivering Care

By 2050, seniors will comprise 16 percent (1.5 billion people) of the global population. Providing care – emotional, physical and mental – will be precarious given the expected shortage of caregiving professionals. Robotics have the potential to expand resources and deliver care to meet some of the needs of this population. This panel will explore the ethical, safety, and financial issues related to the use of robots in delivering care, plus what’s on the horizon in the US and worldwide.

Moderator: Mark Francis, New Venture Lead/EIR-Consumer Products-New Business Initatives, Intel


Ted Fischer, VP Business Development/Hasbro

Dor Skuler, CEO and Co-Founder/Intuition Robotics

Dementia and Dignity – The Magic of Memories and Navigating Loss

More than 5 million Americans today are living with Alzheimer’s disease and an additional 17million are caring for them. As the most prevalent type of dementia, Alzheimer’s is attacking an aging boomer population where more than 16 million will be living with the disease by 2050 and costing the country $1.1 trillion. The implications of Alzheimer’s, which has no prevention, no long-term treatments and no cure, is becoming our nation’s next health care epidemic and impacting businesses, communities and families.

But life does not end with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Our panelists will showcase business entrepreneur case studies of unique solutions using the power of images – whether photos, videos, online. These teams of VC and angel-funded start-ups, the nation’s top research experts, centers for innovation and non-profit leaders are sparking and creating memories and environments for Alzheimer’s families to thrive and to have the conversation about end-of-life before it’s too late.

Moderator: Sherri Snelling, Founder and CEO, Caregiving Club


Jeannine English, VP Board/Zen Hospice Project

Scott Smith, Author, When Someone Dies/Founder and CEO Viant Group

Sheri Rose, Executive Director/Thrive Center Inc.

Jack York, President and Co-Founder iN2L