Past Winners

2013 Grand Prize Winner

Resido Medical was the grand prize winner of the Business Plan Competition at the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit of the 28 entries submitted. The Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellow and Resido Medical Co-Founder Kate Rosenbluth accepted the $10,000 for the budding research & design company.

“We are thrilled to receive this award and be named the winner of the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit Business Plan Competition. It will support our clinical study and device development, bringing Resido Medical one step closer to halting the uncontrollable shaking that turns a simple task like drinking a glass of water into a daunting challenge for millions of Americans,” said Kate Rosenbluth, co-founder, Resido Medical. “The Summit has been an eye-opening welcome into the passionate community of participants dedicated to making aging a positive experience. It has been both humbling and inspiring to receive such enthusiastic support for our technology.”

More than 10 million Americans are affected by Essential Tremor, the most common movement disorder, which can inhibit independent living as patients lose the ability to perform daily tasks such as writing a check, buttoning a shirt, cooking, and eating.

2012 Grand Prize Winner

HyloMimetics was the $10,000 winner of the 2012 Business Plan Competition. HyloMimetics is developing a bioinspired molecule that prevents the progression of osteoarthritis and restores healthy cartilage, getting patients out of pain and remobilizing their lives.

2011 Winners

Pontus Medical was the winner of the $10,000 prize for their innovative, low cost solution of wearable patches that predict exacerbation in heart failure patients, by non-invasively monitoring their fluid status and providing their doctor with actionable information, to prevent rehospitalizations.

Cadence Biomedical was the elevator pitch winner, awarding them $1,000 for their kinetic orthotic products that provide therapeutic rehabilition for people who otherwise would require wheelchairs for mobility, enabling them to walk independently and achieve an enhanced quality of life.


2010 Winners

Congratulations to Grand Prize winner CatheNect Medical, who won $10,000 for their innovative sterile catheter connection mechanism. CatheNect Medical’s mission is to improve the quality of life of dialysis patients by reducing infections related to peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter sterilization. They developed a PD catheter with an innovative, self-contained sterile connection mechanism that is not reliant on patient compliance. By reducing the incidence of peritonitis and by decreasing the time, complexity, and training involved in the current sterilization protocol, their solution will transform the dialysis paradigm, enabling a much broader group of patients to enjoy the substantially improved quality of life that PD can provide.

We also congratulate Best Elevator Pitch Winner Intimal Solutions, who won $1,000 for their minimally invasive solution that restores valve competency in patients with venous stasis ulcers due to deep venous reflux.

2009 Winners

In 2009, the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit awarded the $10,000 grand prize to Ruey Peh and Erika Palmer of HemRx Medical, whose innovative hemorrhoid treatment product represents a paradigm shift in hemorrhoid treatment. HemRx Medical’s technology will allow all grades of hemorrhoids to be treated effectively, with minimal pain, in the clinic by surgeons and gastroenterologists. The occurrence of hemorrhoids peaks in adults between age 45 and 65, making HemRx’s product particularly valuable in the boomer marketplace.

The $1,000 prize for Best Elevator Pitch was awarded to Heather Stevens, CEO of Life at Home Longer. Life At Home Longer enables older adults to live in their homes as they age by providing families with complete solutions for senior-friendly technology, home modification, maintenance, and lifestyle conveniences. They provide a complete go-to-market channel for medical devices and other technologies targeting older adults, from marketing to delivery to installation.
Here is their winning pitch:

To watch more finalist presentations from the 2009 Business Plan Competition, visit our channel on YouTube.