Carrie Tice is an Executive Manager with 25 years of experience in sales and brand development.  A seasoned product strategist and revenue-driver, Carrie has been a pioneer in video games, online advertising, digital media entertainment and gamified health.  Carrie’s passion to create brands that reveal truths and connect communities is evident throughout her career and now extends to the emerging cannabis industry. 

Prior to entering the cannabis market, Carrie worked in the digital entertainment industry as an executive at IGN and Ubisoft where she aligned quantitative health technology with partners such as Humana, and the Cleveland Clinic.  

Following major surgery in 2014, Carrie discovered the benefits of CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabis strain.  And when she recommended CBD to her mother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, the results were life-changing.  

Carrie began sharing her story.  Suddenly, not only friends, but friends of friends were contacting her asking for advice.  At first she was whispering in the corners of her office and at social engagements, but as she learned more and more about the positive breakthroughs in cannabinoid therapy, the more she realized she couldn’t whisper anymore. She felt a responsibility to speak-out and share her journey. 

Carrie resigned from her long-time career in digital entertainment, and sold the Victorian home which she and her mom owned together for 15 years, located on Octavia Street, in San Francisco, to help bootstrap Octavia Wellness.

 Today Octavia Wellness is the premier direct-to-consumer cannabis company focused on seniors, the fastest growing and most underserved segment entering the cannabis market.  Octavia is dedicated to providing seniors and cannabis beginners with customized education, easy-to-use products, and trustworthy delivery.