Cynthia Gibson-Horn is the Co-Founder of Motion Therapeutics, a company that provides unique technology combined with, balance-enhancing, wearable products for seniors and others that improve balance and quality of life.  Motion Therapeutics provides products, education, and training of BalanceWearÒ Technology. Cynthia holds several patents for the products and application of the technology in the US and was recently granted protection in the EU.

Gibson-Horn discovered that the strategic placement of small amounts of weight on one’s torso can immediately improve balance and mobility.  Clients have traveled from many parts of the world to receive BalanceWear Technology.   Cindy has authored many articles in the physical rehabilitation space with respect to application of balance wearables that demonstrate same-session improvement in walking, balance, and mobility for older adults and others with balance challenges. BalanceWear products are currently distributed in the US and Denmark, and have been featured on Good Morning Denmark.

Cynthia is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, which instilled her compassion to enable anyone with disability to thrive.

“I strive to deliver training, education, and products world-wide to anyone that improves balance and enhances their quality of life.”