Marg Drumheller brings eighteen plus years of AARP experience to her newest role in Market Innovation. Having gained broad perspective of the AARP consumer through years of engagement with AARP members, thought leaders, executives, and previously with elected officials at the community, state and national level she brings a unique perspective and insights. An expert in organizing and helping manage content, she has commanded respect for her work both internally and externally.

Marg gained a reputation as a thinker and doer when working at the state level and was recruited for those same reasons to serve as a business advisor in the AARP executive offices working with the Chief Operating Officer, concurrently working on the enterprise Financial Council, Enterprise Resource Project team, and Organizational Learning and Performance training teams for the HR department.  As Director of Brand Events for five years she provided leadership and direction on event strategy and implementation of over 100 events per year alongside her outstanding team.