Natalie McNamee’s background is in Bioengineering where she attended UCSD Jacobs School of engineering for her Masters. During graduate school, Natalie worked at Tocagen Inc, a gene therapy company, in business development. She then went on to work as a bioengineer at the newly formed start-up Quanticel Pharmaceuticals specializing in cancer stem cell drug development. In 2015, Celgene Corporation acquired Quanticel for $485M. Currently, Natalie is a Director of Tarnagulla Ventures and is a Board Member of the portfolio company Jupiter Orphan Therapeutics, Inc (JOT). JOT is a clinical stage, Orphan Drug platform company focused on developing treatments for ataxias, lysosomal storage disorders, and mitochondrial diseases. Tarnagulla Ventures has also invested in Nacuity Pharmaceuticals Inc – a company that is developing a small molecule antioxidant called “NACA” for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa and potentially other retinal-based diseases.