Ranjeet’s current focus is in in the health, genomics and life sciences sector to identify disruptions through technology. Some of his notable investments in this area include Synthego, a CRISPR genome company, Echopixel, a 3D medical imaging company and Tobii, an eye tracking company for the disabled to help them interact with technology.

He joined Intel Capital in 2000. He started his investment career with a successful investment Sirf Technologies in 2000 and since has invested in perceptual computing, (emotion recognition, gesture recognition and eye tracking), VR, AR, 3D and robotics companies in silicon, systems and software. Ranjeet currently serves as a member or observer on the board of Savioke, Echopixel, Synthego, Occipital, and Witricity. He has invested and managed exits including Sirf Technologies (IPO), Tobii ( IPO), Omek (acquired by Intel) Mobile 365 (acquired by Sybase), Sychip (acquired by Murata), Sasken (IPO), Jamdat (IPO), Techfaith (IPO), Azure (acquired by Subex), Integrant (acquired by Analog devices), Arcsoft, and LGC (acquired by Andrews) to name a few.

Prior to Intel Capital, he spent several years in senior operating roles at Intel. Ranjeet led the team that designed and manufactured the earliest non-volatile memory solutions for the cellular market. In his subsequent strategic role he launched the stacking memory solution for mobile that evolved into a $1 billion revenue business for Intel. He has authored over 10 patents covering various solutions for mobile. He is a winner of the Lewis W. award for technical excellence at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in 1993.